LS2 coil kit installation instructions

Step 1) Remove the stock coils. To do this, remove the socket head cap screws on the top of the valve cover. You will also need to unplug the two white 3 pin power connectors, the two 3 pin signal connectors that connect to the power output stages and the socket head cap screw securing the ground terminal to the cylinder head.

Step 2) Remove the stock power output stage bracket. To do this, remove the large black plastic cover in the engine bay that sits behind the firewall. There will be two 10mm bolts securing the power output stage bracket to the firewall. With those nuts removed the bracket will come right off the firewall.

Step 3) Connect the electrical connectors for the new LS2 coilpack assembly. The two 3 pin connectors on the wiring harness connect to the two 3 pin white connectors on the stock wiring harness. The order of these connectors does not matter. For the two four pin connectors, one of the connectors is populated with 3 pins, the other with 4. Looking into the 4 pin connector on the car harness mate the female connector with 3 pins populated to the male connector with 3 pins populated, as shown:

Mate the remaining 4 pin connector on the LS2 harness to the remaining 4 pin connector on the car harness. Secure the grounding bolt to the ground terminal on the LS2 harness.

Step 4) Secure the coil packs to the strut bar with some zip ties, as shown:

Step 5) Route the ignition wires to the indicated cylinder. Cylinder #1 starts at the front of the car. The stock coil pack cover can be refitted over the new ignition wires after removing the stock coil packs if desired. Be careful not to pinch the wires when refitting the cover if you do this! Enjoy your new coil packs!

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