01a solid shifter install instructions

01a solid shift linkage installation instructions

tools required:  
center punch
8mm (5/16") drill bit
cordless drill
10mm wrench/socket.

Step 1) Remove the shift linkage from the car.  to do this, remove the 10mm pinch bolt from the shift rod on the transmission and unbolt the 13mm bolt securing the rod to the bottom of the shifter plate.

Step 2) center-punch and drill the rivet running through the shift fork shown below

Step 3) with the rubber block removed from the shift rod, enlarge the hole on either side of the "U" bracket to 8mm or about 5/16" (the supplied bolt should be able to slide through both holes).  Debur if necessary.

Step 4) Insert the bearing and adapters oriented as shown below.  Secure to the shift rod with the supplied bolt and locking nut.  The non locking nut is supplied for transport purposes only and is not used in the finished assembly.

Step 5) Install and enjoy your new shifter!

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