VEMS Round Wideband Gauge
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VEMS Round Wideband Gauge

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Another excellent product from the VEMS group, the "vems round" wideband gauge is one of the best standalone wideband meter/gauges on the market. Unlike normal wideband meters where there is a clunky external hardware box necessary to control the wideband sensor itself, the vems round contains all of the wideband circuitry inside the standard 2 1/16" gauge housing.

As an added bonus the gauge has a built in EGT amplifier allowing for powerful tuning data to be displayed real time simultaneously.

The gauge features two display areas so that you can simultaneously view any two of the available inputs that are supported by the gauge.

The 3-digit top display can output wideband lambda or AFR

The 4-digit bottom display can output any input connected to the analog input channel (rpm, road speed/any other frequency input) or EGT

software configurable analog output to drive any standalone or factory ECU with a simulated narrowband output curve or a full 0-5v wideband voltage curve. Output can also be used to output a voltage for EGT.

available with or without wideband sensor, and with or without EGT probe