VEMS "display only" Round Gauge
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VEMS "display only" Round Gauge

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Another excellent product from the VEMS group, the vems "display only" round gauge is aimed at owners of the VEMS standalone ecu. Unlike the "full version" of the vems round wideband gauge, the "display only" gauge does not physically connect to a wideband sensor or EGT probe. Instead, the gauge receives a datastream from the VEMS ecu over the serial connection. The gauge can be programmed to display any two data metrics from the ecu at one time, with up to 7 slots, selectable by the push button on the front of the gauge.

The gauge can be programmed via the serial cable as well to suit what data you would like to display. Please note that only one serial device can be connected to the ecu at any given time. Therefore you cannot have a laptop connected to the ecu AND the display only round gauge at the same time.