Mann Provent Crank Case Ventillation Filter (CCV / Catch Can)
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Mann Provent Crank Case Ventillation Filter (CCV / Catch Can)

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One of the best crank case ventilation air/oil separators on the market. The Mann ProVent was originally designed to deal with blow-by on large diesel industrial engines. The beauty of the provent's design is that it not only separates the oil out of crank case ventilation gasses but it also filters out that nasty oily "spooge" that you probably dont want back in your sump! the drain line on the CCV provides clean oil for return back to the sump.

The provent includes a removable and replaceable (as well as washable!) filtration element in the center as well as a one-way valve on the outlet that can either be hooked up to a suction source (such as the turbine inlet) or left open to atmosphere if desired. There is also an over-pressure safety valve in the top of the unit that will "blow off" in the event that too much inlet pressure is present to evacuate the fumes (this prevents the unit from bursting under pressure - and is your clue that you either need two of these units or you might want to take a peek at your piston rings!)

Price includes a fully assembled unit including the housing, overpressure release valve, and filter cartridge. Mann / Humell part number 3931070550