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After 9 months of development work on the 2.5TFSI, Iroz Motorsport is proud to announce their Xona and EFR kits for the TTRS/RS3. With 4 developement cars pouring in data, IMS500, IMS575, IMS610, IMS650, IMS730, IMS750 and IMS850 turbo kits are now available. Software for IMS800 and 1000 kits will soon be available as well using the Xona 7864 and Xona 9567.

This kit represents the most thought out kit on the market. Iroz used the best components that protect the chassis from heat, failure and overcomplication. For our power outputs of 500-600hp, we choose EFR turbochargers made by Borg Warner. These turbos package extremely well and offer unmatched value and performance. Their built in features allow us to produce systems that perform at a high level without the complexity and cost of 2000s technology turbo systems. Designed specifically for competitive racing use, the EFR 7163 is Borg Warner's newest addition to the EFR family. Latest generation compressors combined with state of the art 'Mixed-Flow Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel' design allows for remarkable spool and huge powerbands. This unique turbocharger is literally an off-the-shelf Indycar turbocharger, used by all 2014/2015 IRL teams.

For our 600-1000hp systems, we have chosen Xona Rotor turbochargers, which represent all the downfalls of the Garrett GT and GTX CHRAs corrected. From the Xona Rotor literature we learn the following:

Xona Rotor has implemented innovative features in its XR line of performance turbochargers to enhance performance and durability. Among them is Xona’s proprietary variable-preload ball bearing cartridge system. Traditional bearing systems with insufficient preload can experience ball sliding and scuffing at high shaft speeds, leading to fretting of the bearing races and short bearing life.

The bearing housing itself is a fully-machined, high-strength stainless steel component with an extended water jacket. By fully surrounding the turbine seal ring land area, this advanced cooling feature combats heat soakback, preventing piston ring collapse for enhanced durability at high temperatures.

A turbocharger’s bearing system is its heart, and Xona Rotor has left nothing on the table. Xona XR turbochargers use hybrid (ceramic balls and steel races) ball bearing cartridges unlike those found elsewhere. These high-precision ABEC 7 angular contact ball bearings are made with advanced M62 high-speed powder metal steel races, silicon nitride ceramic balls and metallic ball cages. No melted ball cages here. Together these features deliver significantly elevated robustness and durability at extreme temperatures compared to conventional ball bearing systems.

Most performance turbochargers today use a single piston ring for sealing the shaft at each end. By contrast, Xona XR turbochargers employ twin rings at both the compressor and turbine ends. This feature dramatically reduces oil leakage and gas intrusion at both ends of the rotating assembly. Furthermore, since the sealing load is spread across two rings, wear rates are reduced and seal life is extended. Complementing this are large-diameter oil slingers incorporated into both ends of the shaft, further reducing splash oil at the piston ring seal location within the bearing cartridge.

The compressor register of the CHRA features an overbuilt compressor backplate and cover interface system that is very tolerant of external loads, limiting structural distortion that can lead to compressor wheel rubbing and premature failure.

These turbos externally all fit in the same footprint of housings allowing fantastic upgrade paths should goals extend to higher horsepower levels. Currently we have software for North American and some European model 6 speeds on the 850 hp Xona 8267 and the 750hp Xona 7264.

Included in the IMS500-1000 turbo kits(turbo dependent):

  • IMS fully backpurged and fixtured stainless manifold. Provisions for EGT on European models or extra EGT port on North American models
  • Xona/EFR turbocharger with internal stainless steel wastegated housing
  • TurboSmart wastegate actuator
  • Actuator/boost solenoid bracket
  • Turbo inlet with factory connections for CrankCase Ventilation and reference port (3" inlet optional to connect to factory or aftermarket air intakes)
  • 3.5" stainless downpipe with flex sectins and o2 provisions
  • V-band clamps for inlet out outlet of turbocharger
  • Oil lines for factory connection to block, OEM quality with the finest fittings available
  • Water lines for factory connection to block, OEM quality with the finest fittings availabile
  • Vac hoses and clamps for Factory n75 valve on bracket.
  • Harness extension for boost valve location
  • High Pressure Fuel Pump available as an option if selected
  • ECU upgrade to United Motorsport available if option selected in select markets fully loaded software with Launch control, NLS, octane adjustability, boost adjustability and more. (VCDC cable required)
  • New exhaust manifold gasket
  • New hardware for installing kit
  • Recommended installation methods

Recommended Supporting Modifications:

To extract the most out of your IMS850 kit we recommend the following:

  • Free Flowing exhaust. Our downpipe is 3.5" and initial release requires the adaptation to the various exhausts on the market. Eventually we will make our own 3.5" exhaust for the TTRS/RS3
  • Free flowing Intake. We have had poor results with all intakes outside of the 034Motorsport AUDI TT RS 2.5 TFSI COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM, CARBON FIBER. We offer a modified version for 125$ over their retail that doesn't neck to 3" and offers 3.5" minimum cross section all the way to the turbo
  • Clutch upgrade. We have tested the AUDI TTRS CLUTCH KIT SACHS PERFORMANCE to over 1000nm. Use with confidence
  • Cams/retainers. We love the Schrick profiles TTRS/RS3 Schrick Camshafts with the larger HPFP lobe for added fuel flow. The profiles are also fantastic for this turbo and it's ability to breath at 8000 rpm. Added bonus is a brutal idle sound. TTRS/RS3/07k Valve Spring Kit with Ti Retainers are also a good idea for pushing the engine to 8000 rpm.
  • We rate the rods and pistons at 500wtq for longevity. Most of the turbo kits will not exceed this on pump fuels, or can be turned down in the midrange with the adjustable boost feature of our United Motorsport software. Most of the turbo kits will need rods at a minimum on race fuels however. We offer 07k 2.5L TTRS/RS3 IE RODS 144x2 and TTRS 144x22mm IE connecting rods connecting rods and TTRS/RS3/07k JE pistons for bullet proof short blocks. Inquire if you are interested in Iroz Motorsport doing a complete crate engine at our facility in Las Vegas.

Added information May 25, 2016

Please use this guide as a guide to help meet your expectations or the expectations of your customers. Our pump fuel is USA 91 octane. The expected powerband is listed:

  • Stock K16 440hp on high octane, 405hp on pump 3000-6500rpm
  • IMS500(EFR6758) 500 on high octane, 460 3000-6700
  • IMS575(EFR7163) 575hp on high octane, 525bhp on pump gas. 3400-7000
  • IMS610(Xona 6156) 610 on high octane, 550hp on pump 3500-7100
  • IMS650(Xona 6564) 650hp on high octane 575hp on pump 3600-7200
  • IMS730(Xona 7164) 730hp on high octane 630hp on pump 3800-7400
  • IMS800(Xona 7864) 800hp on high octane 680hp on pump 4000-7700
  • IMS850(Xona 8267) 850hp on high octane 710 on pump 4200-7900
  • IMS1000(Xona 9567) 1000hp on on high octane, 790hp on pump 4800-8700

Rods/pistons recommended for any tune above 500wtq or roughly 740NM. Most kits can be run on low octane fuels like USA 91 and 93 and not exceed 500wtq. After IMS650, all kits can exceed 500wtq on high octane fuels and built motors are recommended. Note that injectors failing wreck stock piston ring lands where aftermarket forged pistons are more resistant to cylinder wash. In our experience, the injectors typically fail on high EGT situations at high injector duty cycles.

DSG DQ500 can hold roughly 500wtq before needing more clamping pressure/disks. Options exist to get up to 850NM easily. While we do not offer DSG or ECU software in some markets, there are options in almost all markets.

The IMS500 and IMS575 kits utilize the EFR Borg Warner. These kits use the same oil and water line kits, along with the same basic manifold, however they do require a knock sensor shield trim, as well as a different downpipe and up pipe. They do retail for slightly less than the Xona kits due to cheaper turbo retail, however they do require parts to convert from EFR to Xona Rotor.