HPA Touch Motion (TMAP) haldex controller
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HPA Touch Motion (TMAP) haldex controller

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Haldex Performance Controllers

Redefines Torque Transfer // Proactive Power Distribution // More Aggressive Handling Characteristics

Gen 1 Performance Controller

The TouchMotion AWD Programmer from HPA Motorsports is a plug and play device compatible with Gen 1 Haldex 4-motion controllers. (MK1 TT / TT225 quattro, S3,A3, MK4 R32)

Designed to be fully compatible with both OEM or aftermarket installed Haldex 4-motion differential controllers, the Touch Motion plugs inline and hands control of the rear end behavior over to the driver.

HPA's TouchMotion AWD Programmer consists of three main components. A trunk mounted Control Unit, a Cable to connect the new controller inline, and a wireless Touch Screen Interface.

The Touch Screen Interface features a live interactive display that tells the driver how much torque is being transmitted to the rear wheels at any time and offers access to a number of basic and advanced configurations. The touch screen is merely the user interface for the TMAP system and does not need to be present to run the controller as the controller will operate under the last user settings inputted.

Through the touch of the screen, drivers can select not only the preset operating modes of the differential such a Stock, Economy, Sport or Competition, they can go beyond with Dynamic and Race-Speed where they can individualize the profile based on driving habits and needs.

Under Race-Speed, drag racers can digressively or progressively adjust rear engagement. Example; when launching AWD vehicles from prepared surfaces, typically some front wheel spin is desired to better facilitate engine acceleration prior to full rear wheel power transfer avoiding engine bog. As the speed down the track increases, the rear differential engagement can be scaled straight back to reduce drag and increase top speed.

Under Dynamic, drivers can configure which modes to toggle between and what the transitions will be triggered by. Example, set in economy mode for daily commuting, the driver wishes to toggle straight into an aggressive full torque transfer configuration and back when overtaking a vehicle may be required.

Within advanced settings, over-steer compensation can be reduced for drivers that wish to enable more drift tendency, and engagement of differential under braking can be toggled on or off depending on driving style, comfort, or usage habits.

HPA has developed a tool that will allow the driver to tune the drivetrain to meet their specific needs.

The left graph represents all preset modes performing an acceleration run from 40mph to 110mph. The right graph represents Stock, Competition, and Race Speed; the top line represents overall wheel horsepower, while the lower lines differentiate between front wheel horsepower and rear wheel horsepower.

TouchMotion Performance Suite

As an add-on feature to the TouchMotion All-Wheel-Drive Programmer, HPA has developed the Performance Suite software that works in conjunction with the TMAP Control Unit and captures data from the vehicle’s on board sensors to accurately calculate 0-60, 60-0, and 1/4 mile times. View acceleration and deceleration live on screen and log multiple runs to a Micro SD Card (not included) to review your data later in a CSV file.

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  • Control Unit
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Communication Cable
  • Window Mount
  • USB Cable
  • Car Charger & Wall Charger

Note: The Control Unit will be in Stock mode upon initial boot up. The system will default to "last used mode" each time the car is started unless a specific default mode is selected in Settings.