Aquamist HFS-3
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Aquamist HFS-3

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**Note:  all aquamist systems are special ordered from the UK and carry a 6 week lead time.  we often have stock as we use these in-house but call us to confirm availability**


Aquamist has been pioneering the IDC based water injection system since 2003 with great success. The HFS3-PWM system is designed to complete the Aquamist’s PWM-valve delivery system line-up. It allows precise metering of water/methanol injection for the modern high performance engine. The dash gauge, flow sensor and “Plug and Play” features are standard to minimize installation time.

The system retrieves the fuel flow (IDC) and manifold pressure signals (MPS) from the engine management system as the prime source to control the flow of water. This enables perfect balance of water to fuel flow under all engine loads. The system can also be controlled by a third-party ECU with its own custom water/methanol flow map.

A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on the PWM signal from the HFS-3 controller. A constant line pressure (160 psi) is provided by the Aquatec pump working in the “by-pass” mode. A PWM valve system guarantees wide dynamic range.

Choose your desired nozzle size from the list below. For 50/50 water/methanol you need approximately 15-20% of fuel flow from your nozzles. So as an example a 5 cylinder engine running 630cc injectors maxed out would need 473-630cc worth of nozzle. Two nozzles are included so take whatever number you come up with and divide by two.