60-2 I5 Rear Main Seal Crank Trigger Kit
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60-2 I5 Rear Main Seal Crank Trigger Kit

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Want to run a standalone EFI system on your AAN / 3B / ADU / 7A / etc engine but don't want to run one of the failure prone front crank pulley mounted sensors?

Its hard to beat OEM for reliability and quality when it comes to a crank sensor (arguably the most important sensors on your engine). This part is made by Audi for an OEM application on European diesel 4 cylinder engines but happens to fit the old school 5 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines as well.

The sensor itself is a hall sender, so make sure your ECU is capable of reading a square wave 0-5v output.

Kit includes rear main seal trigger and seal assembly, alignment tool, and sensor.

Available with or without mating connector kit (connector housing, pins, and sealing boot). Select from the options below.