39mm to Bosch 044 Adapter Sleeve (Walbro 525 / 450 / 255)
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39mm to Bosch 044 Adapter Sleeve (Walbro 525 / 450 / 255)

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Back in the day the Bosch 044 fuel pump was the bees knees: good pump flow, long life, a good upgrade for the older Audi models. Lately we've been seeing a large amount of failures either due to knock off pumps or simply a switch in manufacturing by Bosch.


Pumps by Walbro (to be clear ONLY buy genuine Walbro pumps! the counterfits are terrible) run quieter and in the case of the 450 and 525 hellcat pumps flow as much or more than the venerable 044 ever did.


This 3d printed nylon adapter sleeve allows the fitment of any 39mm sized pump into a factory 044 basket. NOTE! The URS4/S6 and CQ did not come stock with an 044, so be sure you understand that this adapter only fits cars that have been retrofitted with the V8 Quattro style factory 044 fuel pump basket! If you need to replace a stock s4 pump have a look at our dual Walbro billet aluminum bracket instead.