2084 Audi VW 5 Cylinder Crank Locking Tool
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2084 Audi VW 5 Cylinder Crank Locking Tool

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N.L.A (No Longer Available), an acronym that drives fear in the heart of every classic audi owner.


The 2084 crank locking tool is no longer available from Audi so we decided to make a reproduction of it. Painted flat black and made from waterjet cut 1/4" steel its as robust as the original.


Usable on any 5 cylinder audi with a front 'snubber' bracket for the tool to locate on. We use these on the AAN engine as well by simply bolting up a spare 7a style snub bracket temporarily when doing urs4/s6 timing belt jobs at our shop. Contact us if you are in need of a bracket, we can send you a used one to complement the tool for use on AAN engines.