VEMS Universal ECU
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VEMS Universal ECU

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VEMS Universal Standalone ECU


  • 8 high current and high voltage ignition drivers that can directly drive coils (max 16 cylinders with wasted spark). These can also drive other devices (with max 8A/380V load with the standard hardware)
  • 8 high current injection drivers supporting peak-hold injectors or other devices (with max 14A/60V load with the standard hardware)
  • 2 high current miscellaneous outputs. These drivers, as well as the 8 injector drivers can be configured as high current (14 .. 15 A) drivers for special outputs (idle pulsewidth-modulated (PWM) or ON/OFF solenoid, nitrous oxide injector, variable intake actuator, etc...)
  • 1 Idle stepper driver. Can be used as four individual 1A push-pull drivers
  • 4 350mA protected open collector drivers with pullup
  • 1 350mA protected open collector driver for fuel pump relay
  • 1 350mA protected open collector driver for small idle solenoids
  • 2 350mA protected open collector drivers driving LED's. Available for other applications if connected on board.


  • 2 RS232 ports
  • 1 1-wire communications port (replaces one RS232) for very convenient anti-theft (see Button Immobilizer) support
  • 1 onboard LCD support
  • 1 Onboard PS/2 keyboard support
  • Feature connector for CAN bus and MMC (multimedia card) add-on boards
  • Fast serial boot loader for firmware updates

Sensor inputs

  • 2 variable reluctance/Hall sensor inputs
  • 2 knock sensor inputs with advanced DSP based signal conditioning
  • Onboard manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) with high precision processing. 2048 signal levels is noticably better (smoother idling, more precise tuning) than the 256 levels often used: especially on turbo engines.
  • Coolant temperature sensor (CLT)
  • Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT)
  • Throttle position sensor (TPS)
  • 2 misc inputs for resistive sensors, like exhaust back pressure and fuel pressure
  • 2 LSU4 wideband oxygen controllers providing fast and precise digital control
  • 2 K-Type exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor amplifiers
  • Several internal sensor inputs for custom applications

Enclusure and connectors:

  • Automotive grade AMP Econoseal III connectors
  • Extruded Alubos aluminum enclosure with CNC machined endplates

Select the trigger configuration appropriate for your application. "Audi Trigger" refers to the special flywheel triggers found on most late 80's and early 90's Audi models (and is also used in the Motronic Plug and Play version of the VEMS ecu).