VEMS BMW M50 plug and play ecu
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VEMS BMW M50 plug and play ecu

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New from VEMS, a full standalone plug and play ecu for the BMW M50 engine (1990-1995 OBD1 inline 6, VANOS and non VANOS).


  • Fully programmable control of your engine
  • Integrated wideband controller
  • Control of individual fuel injectors and ignition coils
  • Control of the idle valve
  • Uses stock sensors
  • You can remove the MAF to make intake plumbing less complicated
  • Easily tune for head work, cams, different pistons, etc.
  • Gives the control needed to add a turbo
  • Launch control
  • Anti-lag
  • Boost control by gear or speed
  • 10 pin extra function connector
  • 5 analog inputs for sensors or switches
  • Second wheelspeed sensor input
  • Low power output for LED, transistor switching, etc. Max 300mA
  • 2 high power outputs (boost control solenoid, etc.
  • Serial port is wired with power for Bluetooth or Wi-fi modules
  • EGT input
  • User upgradable firmware
  • Excellent, user-friendly tuning software


    Quick steps:

    Remove the factory ECU
    Run the wideband wires out the harness grommet
    Insert the wires in the wideband connector
    Remove the factory O2 sensor and install the new Bosch wideband sensor
    Plug in the engine wiring harness to the new ECU
    Run a vacuum line to the external MAP sensor. Locating the sensor in the ECU compartment is suggested, but not mandatory
    Connect to the serial port with your computer and turn the ignition on
    Start the car

Select from vanos (M50TU) or non vanos from the available options