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Dyno Rental

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Looking to see what kind of power your ride is making or looking to do some of your own tuning? Use our Land And Sea axle eddy current absorbing axle hub dyno for the job. Our dyno is capable of handling 1500hp 2wd and 2500hp all wheel drive. Being an absorbing dyno makes it ideal for tuning, allowing you to isolate load points on your vehicle while real-time calibrating.

Dyno tuning is available at our facility in Lee, NH for the following rates:

2wd 3 pulls: $150
2wd hourly rental: $175
4wd 3 pulls: $175
4wd hourly rental: $200
Half and full day rates are also available. Our dyno is also capable of being transported to your site. contact us for rates and availability.


all dyno time includes set up at no charge (bolting and unbolting the vehicle to the dyno).
A variety of sensor options are also available at no charge: manifold pressure reading, wideband air/fuel monitoring, up to 8 channels of EGT, intake air temperature, exhaust backpressure, and knock sensing.

Tuning is priced separately at $150/hour.