AAN Motronic Tuning, 'big turbo' speed density (no MAF)
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AAN Motronic Tuning, 'big turbo' speed density (no MAF)

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Custom chipset for the 1992-1995 Audi URS4 / URS6 AAN ECU.  Rather than list of all of the turbos we support choose this option for any tune running without the MAF (speed density).  There are no practical hp limits with this tune.  In the order comments let us know your turbo type, fuel type (91, 93, e85), ignition coils (we modify dwell tables for certain coil types), cams, intercooler, injectors, and exhaust.  All of our speed density tunes run a 4bar MAP sensor with some small custom hardware mods to make this tune possible.  Install instructions are provided with the chip.


We also offer ECU socketing services for $100. Contact us about sending your ECU in.