TDS-1 Instrument Cluster display system for the ur s4/s6
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TDS-1 Instrument Cluster display system for the ur s4/s6

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*NOTE*, regarding TDS-X support we do not currently offer the TDS-X add on module as the parts are no longer available for the micro processor it requires.  we've added the option for customers that HAVE an existing TDS-X unit and need a TDS unit that is capable of communicating with it.


We're proud to re-introduce the TDS-1 display system to the market!


The TDS-1 is a fully integrated digital boost gauge specifically designed for the Audi ur-S4 and ur-S6. It displays information for the driver using the Auto-Check display located between the tachometer and speedometer that is present in all ur- S cars. This small microprocessor-controlled device emulates the display protocol used by the Audi/Bose radio head unit for displaying the radio frequency, CD track, etc.

The TDS-1 is the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to monitor your turbocharged engine's performance without installing an A-pillar gauge pod.

The TDS-1 does not require any modification of the factory instrument cluster. Installation is relatively straightforward. See the installation guide for more information.


23.1 PSIG 2606 millibars
Please note the above two images are from an early software version.
See the User's Guide for examples of the current "look and feel"


The TDS-1 has the following features:

Digital manifold pressure display (boost / vacuum)
  • Configurable display units: kPa absolute, or PSIG/inHg
  • Peak hold mode displays highest pressure above atmospheric measured in last 5 seconds
  • Rapid display update, every 125 milliseconds
  • Connects to the Motronic ECU external boost signal
  • Highly accurate, displays same signal ECU uses to run engine
  • Resolution of 1 millibar or 0.1 PSI, 0.1 inHg
  • Configurable for Bosch type MAP sensors of 2.0 - 4.0 bar including VMAP
High precision voltmeter
  • 3 digits, with 1/10th volt resolution
Intake air temperature sensor display
  • Piggybacks on to the IAT sensor monitored by the ECU
  • Does not interfere with the ECU reading
  • Configurable display in degrees F or C
  • Includes peak-hold mode
Radio display pass-through
  • When selected, radio display works as from the factory
  • Automatic mode, where radio display changes are displayed for a short time before reverting to previous non-radio display mode.
Antenna relay driver for 1994 cars with power antenna
  • By special request only
  • The relay (not supplied) is engaged when the stock radio is in radio mode, and is not engaged in CD or tape modes. This relay deactivates the electric antenna when it is not being used, saving needless wear-and-tear.
Display modes
  • The device settings are preserved across power cycles. For example, if the user leaves the display in peak boost mode when the car is shut off, the TDS will resume in peak boost mode when the car is restarted.
  • Modes are selectable via a single button interface
  • Button is user-supplied. One side connects to the TDS device, the other to ground.
  • A stock switch (fog light, etc) may be modified for momentary operation.
  • Any momentary switch is suitable.
  • Pressing the button will cycle through the enabled modes. Unwanted modes may be disabled by the user.
  • Typical modes: Instantaneous boost, Peak boost, Voltmeter, IAT, Radio/Tape/CD
Configuration mode
  • Entered via long button press (>2 seconds)
  • Configuration variables:
    • MAP sensor type (2.5 bar, 3 bar, etc.)
    • Desired pressure units (PSIG/inHg, millibar absolute, kPa absolute)
    • IAT units (degrees F or C)