Adjustable Audi AAN Cam Gear with Shutter Wheel
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Adjustable Audi AAN Cam Gear with Shutter Wheel

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High quality billet aluminum adjustable cam gear from Tommi's Billet for the Audi AAN engine. Includes cam position shutter wheel required for this engine. Black anodized.

Installation notes:

1) Gear does not ship with an outer TDC mark. It is up to the customer to scribe your desired TDC mark on the outer ring. Lay it up against your factory gear to accomplish this on stock setup.

2) ALL adjustment allen bolts must be installed with thread locker. They WILL loosen up over time without proper application of loctite!    Torque the outer larger diameter bolts to 11ft/lbs with thread locker. Torque the smaller inner bolts to 5 ft/lbs.

3) Check clearance against the cam position sensor mounting bolts on AAN applications. In some cases light clearancing is necessary for the 'shutter' wheel to clear the bolts.