3B to AAN Conversion Harness
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3B to AAN Conversion Harness

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If you own a 200 20v or S2 with the 3B engine, you know that your tuning options on the stock ecu are very limited. Between the limitations of the factory ECU hardware and the single stock coil distributor ignition going beyond 'RS2' levels of horsepower has been tough.


Now for those looking to retain Motronic ECU control we have a solution! This kit allows the factory 3B wiring harness to be converted to AAN specification. this means that a stock AAN ecu can be used. The default configuration is 2.0t style coilpacks but we also can build this with LS2 or factory stock AAN coil connectors if desired. Select from the options below.  Installation requires pinning 5 wires into the stock 55 pin Motronic connector, as well as re-locating a few others. Wiring instructions are included. Power and ground are provided via a custom 3d printed coil connector which mates to the factory coil connector in the engine bay.


The harnesses are built to order, allow 1 week lead time. Core AAN Motronic ECUs are available for an additional $400. We also have a full range of custom tunes available for the AAN ECU. Contact us with your needs.